Carbon Fiber

Four times stronger than steel

We begin with safety

On Sept. 29, 2017, FRP Construction celebrated its 4,000th day without a lost time accident.

FRP Construction believes that our steadfast commitment to safety, combined with uncompromising craftsmanship is a formula that solidifies us as the best in the industry. Our experienced Craftsman Installers undergo rigorous and continued training, ensuring that the projects we undertake will be completed efficiently and safely.

It is easy for a construction company to say they are committed to safety. It is another thing entirely to be able to back those statements up. At FRP Construction, you can be confident that when you hire us, you are hiring a company that places the safety of our employees and those around us above all else, hence, our safety slogan:

“We Begin with Safety”

Our Installers are OSHA 10 certified, MSHA Certified, and are trained and refreshed annually on the following:

• Asbestos Awareness

• Confined Space

• Fall Protection

• Portable Fire Extinguisher

• Hazard Communication

• Electrical Safety and Lockout-Tagout

• Scaffold Safety

• Respirable Crystalline Silica

• CPR/First Aid

• Fit Tested

In addition to site visits by our Safety Administrator, each project is assigned a Safety Leader who remains on site for the duration of the job and is charged with hazard identification and peer checking.

For each activity that is performed, FRP Construction creates a Job Hazard Analysis of the task so that our Installers are aware of the hazards associated with the activity and how to mitigate them.

Our Safety Culture is solidified with total buy-in from management. We also have incentive programs for our employees and celebrate safety milestones when they are attained.