The chemicals and gases leaving chimneys cause rapid deterioration and corrosion of the reinforcement in concrete chimneys. FRP products offer unique advantages for such repair.

Strengthening of smokestacks and chimneys is often required due to structural modification. As an example, the US government has mandated many industrial plants to install a Selective Catalytic Reduction System (“SCR Scrubber System”) to reduce their harmful emissions. This system requires cutting an opening in the side of the chimney for installation of new ductwork. Furthermore, smokestacks and chimneys often require repair and/or strengthening due to corrosion of reinforcing steel and general deterioration of materials. In these cases, FRP offers a very fast and cost-effective repair alternative.

Thin sheets of FRP with a thickness of approximately 0.05 inch (1.3 mm) can be applied similar to wallpapers to strengthen the chimney. QuakeWrap engineers will determine the number and orientation of fibers in each layer of the FRP fabric and will provide sealed engineering drawings for such repairs.