Colleges & Universities

Educational institutions such as universities, community colleges and high schools comprise of a variety of structures spread over numerous blocks.

In many cases these educational institutions are like a city within a city and face the same type of infrastructure renovation issues as any municipality.

Our engineered Fiber Reinforced Polymer (FRP) solutions offer fast, long-lasting and economical repair alternatives to owners, architect/engineers and contractors to ensure the project is completed on time, within budget and with minimum disruption of service.

In most cases, our engineers can provide a complete “turnkey” design-build solution that includes sealed engineering drawings by our in-house engineers, all of the materials needed, and installation by one of our approved and certified installers. This unique turnkey design-build approach results in significant efficiency, time and cost-savings, and minimizes the potential errors and delays that can result when multiple groups are involved in one project.

We also welcome the opportunity to partner with owners, architects, engineers and contractors by providing any single aspect of the project, i.e., design, materials, or installation for a specific project.

Some of the repair and strengthening projects in this industry that can benefit from FRP solutions are:

1. Strengthening of floors, beams, columns and walls as a result of change of use in existing buildings, stadiums, gymnasiums, libraries, etc. using PileMedic®
2. Seismic strengthening of concrete and masonry buildings for enhanced resiliency in case a major earthquake occurs
3. Repair of corrosion damaged columns, floors, stairways, etc. in stadiums, parking garages, etc.
4. Strengthening of roof beams (both concrete and glulam) for increased load capacity, e.g. when new air handling units are installed
5. Repair of corrosion-damaged beams, walls and columns in cooling towers with PileMedic®
6. Blast retrofit/mitigation or force protection of the key structures against terrorist attacks
7. Repair of underground utility tunnels that are damaged by corrosion
8. Trenchless repair of pipelines with StifPipe® or InfinitPipe®