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Mo Ehsani, Ph.D, PE, SE, President/CEO

Prof. Mo Ehsani is Centennial Professor Emeritus of Civil Engineering at the University of Arizona and a pioneer in the development of structural applications using fiber reinforced polymer (FRP). He founded FRP Construction, LLC, in 2006 as the first installation company specializing in QuakeWrap's innovative strucutral repair and rehab systems.

Tyler Adams, Lead Estimator

Tyler Adams is the Lead Estimator overseeing FRP Construction projects.

Josh Ahumada, Product Manager

Josh is the Product Manager for FRP Construction.

Travis Mattson, Director of Operations

Travis is the Director of Operations focused on automating and streamlining the way FRPC does business. This leads to improved accuracy and/or faster turnaround times on estimates, sales, calculations, inventory management, shipments, business decisions, responses, invoices, collections, payments, and feedback. Travis holds a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering as well as another in Accounting; both from the University of Arizona.

Ben Sanders, Director of Construction

Ben is the Director of Construction for FRP Construction.

Dan Kennedy, Project Manager

Dan is a Project Manager for FRP Construction.

James Tafoya, Project Manager

James is a Project Manager for FRP Construction.

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