FRP systems can be used for shear and flexural strengthening of walls, seismic and blast protection, repair of damage, replacing deteriorated steel, waterproofing, etc.

Glass and carbon FRP offer ideal repair and strengthening solutions for a variety of wall types, including concrete, brick, Unreinforced Masonry (URM), and Parapet Walls. Another common application of FRP is to strengthen the areas around openings in walls that may have to be created for doors and windows.

Thin sheets of FRP with a thickness of approximately 0.05 inch (1.3 mm) can be applied similar to wallpaper to strengthen the wall. These materials cure within a day and reach a tensile strength three times that of steel. QuakeWrap engineers will determine the number and orientation of fibers in each layer of the FRP fabric and will provide sealed engineering drawings for such repairs.

Features & Benefits:

1. Increases shear and flexural strength of walls
2. Increases wall thickness by less than ¼ inch (5mm)
3. Adds very little weight to the wall
4. Strengthens entire wall by treating only a fraction of the surface area
5. Serves as a waterproofing system